Archangel of Life

Xavon was the youngest High Cleric to ever hold the post In the history of the Temples records. He has been the High Cleric for decades. His gruff and blunt manner has the rest of the temple scrambling at times with damage control. He loves the good use of manners and protocol. For decades Gatomon has tried to change him to no avail. They differ in the way they achieve their goals but have the same result. Rumors have been circulated that Gatomon and Xavon are lovers, or perhaps brother and sister, etc. Xavon has also been thought of as Yehova himself in human form by many that worship Yehova, although this claim is highly unlikely.

He has complete control of the powers of white magic and shamatic uses. Blessed by Yehova and able to use his power freely. He can also combine powers with Gatomon when needed. Very strange talent and still unexplained. Clerics of Yahova have no companions and use the art of Chi-Fu, which is the highest form of martial arts. Xavon's use of a 2x4 as a weapon is ledgendary. However, the use of the staff is prefered. Weapons include the 2x4 and his staff that is rumored to be a piece of Gaia's tree. Only the High Cleric can have use of this staff and it has been handed down for hundreds of years, or so the ledgends say.

Standard Equipment:

  • 2x4
  • Staff of the Tree of Gaia

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • Unknown

Xavon took over as Mayor of Hirogei after the death of Quasi and has done his best to keep both the city and his temple going. When he is not in town, the city is run by the Deputy Mayor, Helga, who was a trusted friend of Quasi.

Xavon is known to be gruff, yet friendly. His manners when relaxed are somewhat lacking but when the situation calls for it he is the epitome of chivalry. Xavon tends to do the right thing all the time.