Archangel of Fire

Munch-Munch started out life in a very normal way, in a fairly normal family. Her father was the keeper to the shrine of water and also the local leader of their village, granting them a high position in the village. When she was young she fell into the underwater river that runs underneath the shrine of water setting in motion an set of unstoppable events that prophesied the return of the evil in the form of a reborn Kardis. However, this fact was kept from her until, she revisted the shine several years later when it was already too late. With the help of Mamoru and several others, including her guardian angel and the Keeper of the Shrine of Magic, they defeatd the reborn Kardis and saved the world from destruction. A little known fact around the world. After their victory, Valkyrie arrived with several other Archangels and captured Mamoru. Munch-Munch was unable to do anything against them. After Mamoru's capture, she crossed the Grand Ocean and began her adventures on the Main Land.

During her main land adventures, she visited the Forest of Enlightenment where she got proper training as an Archangel of Fire and began learning the fire elemental spells. After finishing her training she traveled to Mamoru's hometown and to try and learn more about him and why Valkyrie was so intent on capturing him. A few years later, Mamoru showed back up. He had escaped Valkyrie's capture and released his pent up anger on the facilities of Section-N. He had also already become a knight of Gaia by this time. Since then they have begun living out their happily ever after. Munch-Munch was intrumental in the recapture of the UHEF Vanguard, which belonged to a race of offworlders on an exploratory mission. Right now, she and her family are living in a small village in the southern area of the Gaia continent.

Standard Equipment:

  • Rapier of Divine Flame
  • Ring of Flames
  • Staff from the Great Tree

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • Dagger of Ice Dragon Slaying
  • Cloak of Divine Protection

Munch-Munch has mastered the magical arts of Fire and Water. She also knows several white, earth, and wind spells. She is very well skilled with the Rapier and can wield it with much power and speed. She also has gotten control of an innate ability in katta called the Catfist. Normally when under stress or when the katta's life is in danger, their higher brain shuts down and lets the primitive brain take over. The primitive brain then deals with the situation as best as it can, usually this involves the rapid succession of slashes with the claws and bites with the teeth. According to Katta record, no one has survived an encounter with the catfist technique. Since Munch-Munch has mastered her catfist, she can activate it while still retaining control. This makes her a very powerful hand to hand fighter.

Munch-Munch tends to like peace better than war. However there are some cirumstances that she feels can only be resolved by fighting. She does her best to avoid these circumstances but keeps training so she is always prepared for them. These traits make her an excellent addition to Gaia.