Gatomon Felidae

Archangel of Creation

Gatomon has a mysterious past and little is known about where she came from. But what she lacks in history she makes up for in the present. Her status as High Priestess of the Temple of Bast has assured her place in the hearts and minds of all those she helps with the power of Bast. She is constantly training new followers to help her struggle against the priests of Destruction.

Gatomon can transform to a panther and has Bast's full blessings. She is also rumored to be Bast herself, although this claim is highly unlikely. She is a master of white magical arts. Gato is a wise and experienced Sensei and has solved many problems for the people and has many allies and friends.

Standard Equipment:

  • Staff from the Great Tree
  • Amulet of Bast

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • Unknown

During her lifetime Gatomon has created many strange friendships including Bahamut, God of Dragons, who hid in the form of a women to try and gather his thoughts, and Quasi, the Ancient Dragon of Space. Because of one of her recent actions, Gatomon is stuck in a hybrid from of human and panther. Whether this is a curse or a blessing from Bast is unknown.

Gatomon is a caring and helpful person but is known to have a short temper on occasion. She does her best to keep her cool in all situations, using her knowledge to her advantage as opposed to her strength and power.