Height: 3'-4'(3'-4') 
Weight: 250-300lbs(225-275lbs)
Lifespan: 500(450) 
Region: Islands of the Grand Ocean

At just over half the height of a normal human, dwarves are among the shortest species in the world. Their greed exceeds no one elses and they have the power to back it up. Their short stature makes them great theives and their ability to hide is ledgendary. Their intellecual capacity is limited so magic is very rare among dwarves. They make up for this with their skills with weapons.

The dwarves first appeared in 7500 SD. They were soon drawn to the shiney stones that were embedded in the rocks and mountains of the land. They quickly took up mining as their main industry. Somewhat forgotten during the time of the Great War, the dwarves had little actual combat. only the few dwarves that had settled on the mainland were swept up in the fighting. The dwarves, for the most part, supplied weapons to anyone who was willing to pay for them, including the katta, and humans. Dwarvish weapons were too heavy for the elves to use effectively. After the end of the War, the dwarves all but disappeared from the mainland. However, their weapons have been known to turn up more often as people make special trips to the dwarven lands to purchase the finely crafted weapons they produce.

The main industry is the mining and export of rare gems, silver, and gold, which appear abundantly in the dwarven mountains. Dwarven mines can span for miles and they have excavated caverns in which no light can reach both sides. Aside from mining, dwarves are fine craftsmen and produce weapons of exceptional quality. They mainly produce weapons such as Axes, Halbreds, and Great Swords. They leave the "woosy weapons", such as the dagger and bow, to the elves. The new settlement on the eastern continent has even made sales to the Yuan-Ti.

Dwarven government is a loose democracy. They elect a leader who stays in office until they decide they need someone else, at which point they have another election. While in office, the leader has control over the particular island he was elected from, be it Dwarvana, Tudar, or Grawn. The leader of Dwarvana is considered the leader of all Dwarves.

Special Abilities
Their small stature makes them excellent theives. However, the only dwarven theives exist on the mainland, as dwarves prefer to steal from other species. They also have great strength that rivals that of the katta. This strength combined with the fine weapons they carry makes for a very dangerous foe. While their strength is great, their intellect is not, leaving them with a severe lacking the the magical arts. Very few dwarves know magic and those that do know only the basic spells.

Dwarves are strong miners and craftsmen and sell their wares to the other races. Their skills come in handy when faced with adversity, making them a race to be feared when provoked.