Height: 6'-7'(5'-6') 
Weight: 150-250lbs(100-200lbs)
Lifespan: 160(140) 
Region: Isle of the Katta

Katta are a species of beings that resemble a mix between cats and humans. They are stronger than humans, but lacking somewhat in their magical capabilities. Katta are very good at hand to hand combat. They are very intune with nature and will protect it under almost any circumstances. They keep to their island of origin due to the humans on the main continent.

Katta have been around for longer than humans, but because they aren't as intelligent as humans they havent progress as fast technically. Despite this, they thrived thanks to the lush forests on the mainland. Living in the forests kept the Katta strong and agile. Katta were driven off the main continent by the humans after a war that lasted over 600 years. This, combined with the human's lack of concern for nature, has caused the Katta to have a unparalled hatred for them. The only reason they tolerate the humans is because they supply the goods the katta cannot grow or create on their own.

The katta that live near the southern tip of the island own huge plantations where they grow food for the rest of the katta on the island. Because of the limits on how much they can grow, the price of food is fairly high. Therefore, many katta that live in the cities will have gardens that range from small window boxes to large backyards. The trees that makes up the northern area of the forest are actually part of a huge apple and orange orchard, which the Katta trade to the humans and elves on the main continent. Katta lack severely in heavy industry and have to import all steel used in the construction of large buildings.

Such buildings are owned and lived in by the mayors of the individual cities. The mayors are in control of their city and the surrounding lands. Some places on the island are out of reach of the mayors and are free land for any katta to live on. Every year the mayors of each city go to Rehcir to have a meeting about how to govern the island.

Special Abilities
Katta have highly developed senses of smell and sight. They are capable of seeing in the dark unlike humans. Their sense of smell is actually a trait left over from when they were living on the mainland in the forests. During their early years there they had to hunt for their food on a regular basis and developed their acute sense of smell to track down their prey. Because of their increased strength they are capable of jumping much farther than humans and with proper training can jump from the floor of the forest into the lower branches of a tall tree. Katta have sharp claws which are also left over from their hunting days on the mainland. They still use their claws to catch fish, climb trees, and also when fighting.

Katta are a strong repressed race with a growing hatred for humans. Some human analysts predict that this hatred will keep building until it is too much for the katta to handle. When that happens, the katta might invade the mainland and lay waste to much of the human empire. Katta analysts have a different take and say that their hatred for the humans is not increasing because the katta hate the humans for what happened in the past. Either way, katta are a powerful race that is capable of many things.