Archangel of Dark

Alucard is a very powerful vampire. It is highly likely that he is, in fact, THE vampire. Alucard's powers of regeneration are astounding and conventional weapons have no effect on him. He could be shot up, dismembered, beheaded, ripped apart, and he would still instantly call his body parts and blood back to him and reform. It is even possible that he gets some sort of sick pleasure out of it. It is also possible that Alucard was once the victim of genetical manipulation, most likely by Section-N, which may have also increased his powers.

Alucard is very dark and could even be called sinister. Despite that he does have a deep sense of honor. He clearly sees humans as inferior, but does not want to see them suffer either. He despises the wasting of lives and any vampire that kills a human needlessly will suffer his wrath.

Like many vampires, Alucard has a familuar, a spirt that aides him in times of great need. His familuar is a large, scruffy, hell-hound like creature with 4 pairs of glowing red eyes.

Alucard uses two very large handguns. The casull is silver and fires a 13 mm explosive bullets. The jackal is black and fires special bullets. These weapons were specially made for Alucard with his strength and purpose in mind. While the bullets will work to kill any mortal, they are specially designed for immortals and undead. NO human could possiblly use these weapons.

Standard Equipment:

  • Casull
  • Jackal

Special Abilities:

  • Regeneration
  • Super Strength
  • Power Release

The Power Release ability are Alucard's power levels. At each level he gains access to new abilities. It's not something he has to learn, just something he has to release. Alucard's ultimate form is truly frightening, however his full power level is unknown.

Alucard is a loner and generally does things his own way. He prefers to work alone and doesn't take well to cooperating. He currently dwells in Gaia city with his young ward, Integral.

Alucard is currently being covertly investigated by Marcus.