Main Species:

Standard humans very intelligent but not as strong as other races. Have taken over the main continent during many battles that have raged over several hundred years. Constantly discovering new technologies and improving on existing ones. Research institutes are found throughout the mainland and study and number of things.

Slightly shorter than humans. While not as strong they are very agile and use their agility to their advantage in any circumstance. Even more intune with nature that katta are, Elves will defend nature with their lives if the need arises. Focus much of their intellectual capabilities on preserving the forest and on mystical arts. Magic is very prevalent in elven society.

At just over half the height of a normal human, dwarves are among the shortest of the species in the world. Their greed exceeds no one elses and they have the power to back up their greed. Their short stature makes them great theives and their ability to hide is ledgendary. Their intellecual capacity is limited so magic is very rare among dwarves. They make up for this with their skills with weapons.

Race of fox-like creatures who have inate magical abilities. Their status among Kitsune is dictated by the number of tails they have. The more tails the more respected they are. Their goddess is the Nine-Tailed Kitsune. They are naturally inquisitive and like to explore. Because of the arrival of the "monster" races on the Eastern Continent, they built sailing vessels and began to search out new lands. They are naturally intelligent and have they own magic system, much like that of the elves.

Species of beings that resemble a mix between cats and humans. Stronger than humans, but lacking somewhat in their intellectual capabilities. Are very intune with nature and will protect it under almost any circumstances. Keep to their island of origin due to the dangerous humans on the main continent.

Often talked about but seldom seen, Angels are the creations of Gods. Able to disguise their wings they often walk the land watching over specific people in the world. Angels are highly intelligent, even moreso than humans, but where humans focus on new technology Angels concentrate on creating new and more powerful magic spells.

Masters of all they see. Dragons are all but immortal able to live well over 5000 years. Different races of dragons have different abilities but all are very intelligent and have a sixth sense about the world around them. Most dragons live in secluded areas where humans, who have come to enjoy hunting dragons for sport and research, cannot reach them. Protectors of the past, they keep many powerful items from years past in vast hordes in their caves. Only those the Dragon sees are worthy are allowed to have their spoils.

Blended Species:

Because humans and elves are very similar in their genetic makeup inter-species breeding can occur. The hybrids maintain the strength of their human side while also gaining the agility of their elven side. The intelligence in half-elves is a mix between their human and elves sides, being slightly smarter than elves but not as smart as humans. They are often cast out by the societies of both human and elf and find secluded places of their own to live out their days.

Half-Katta are the result of interspecies breeding between humans and katta. Because of the long lasting hatred between humans and katta, half-katta and their familes are forced to live in exile away from major cities and villages, where they would otherwise be scorned and possiblily killed.

result of interspecies breeding between Orcs and Humans.

A human creation that occured when scientists, found and captured an angel and conducted cross breeding expirements on it. The result is a mix of human and angel DNA. This hybrid retains the wings of the angel but lacks the ability to hide them. Strength has been genetically enchanced given these hybrids strength greater than that of five katta combined.

Another human creation, this one from the spliced genes of dragons and huamns. These hybrids were bred for the express purpose of starting a war. Their mix of genes gives them wings with which to fly, and also the ability to breath fire. Their instincts have been tailored to survival and killing. They have a thick armored hide that resists both physical and magical damage.

Monster Races:

On there own goblins are merely a nuisance. However, they keep together in large groups and reproduce quickly and can overtake a region at alarming speed. Add to this their evil disposition and you have a real problem on your hands. Goblins always attack in groups and their sheer numbers make them a foe to be feared. They attack with their morningstars (small mace) at close range and their javelins at long range. They are also very good at hiding and sneak attacks. An uwarring traveller may suddenly and quickly find themselves surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered.

Orcs are particullary vicious humaniods. They are taller and broader than humans and fight by brute strength. They have a particullar hatred for elves and dwarves, but they will pretty much attack anything. Orcs are always either attacking and fighting, or planning their next raid or practicing their fighting skills. Orcs are highly skilled warriors and have great knowledge of all weapons. They are also very skilled stealth and ambush attacks. They are dangerous opponants and always attack in groups.

Small dog like creatures.

Large humanoid creatures with massive strength.

Dopples are a race of beings that can change form and shape so that they appear to be someone else. While lacking strength in their Dopple forms, they can increase their strength by changing into something stronger, like Orcs. They are also somewhat skittish around others races and will run if discovered. While being able to copy the look of other races copying the traits, habits and speech patterns is much more difficult. Dopples like to spy and gather knowledge and have built up a supply of knowledge that is housed in massive librarys in their city.