Height: 8'-10'(8'-9') 
Weight: 500-700lbs(500-600lbs)
Lifespan: 90(80) 
Region: Gaia Continent

When humans began hunting down dragons, one of the things they expiremented on was genetic cross breeding between dragons and humans. The result is a massive beast with great powers both offensively and defensively. Draconic were bred for starting a war and they are perfectly designed for it.

In 9737, when humans first began hunting dragons, several living dragons were captured and taken to a Section-N research facility for testing. In only a few short years the first Draconic was created. It stood over 10 feet tall and had a wingspan of almost two dozen feet. It was capable of both flight and breating fire, but was almost impossible to control. After several more years of testing, the first fully controllable draconic was created. After this success, Section-N created a small army of Draconic soldiers for the war against the elves, but by the time they were ready the war had ended. The army was then set up in a camp in the frozen tundra of Arisa, where they have built a settlement until they are called by Section-N to fight again.

Living in the frozen tundra, Draconic were forced to develop a way of growing or finding food. When they first arrived they used their flame breath to melt the frozen ground and create a settlement and a place to grow food. But that wasnt sufficent for a species that was part dragon. They seached the tundra for other fauna and found that the icy Bandersnatches sometimes found living on the Gaia Continent were very prevalent on the Arisa landscape. Draconic have developed and built small burrows that dig deep into the ground, away from the frozen surface. Draconic live most of their lives in these underground burrows. They only come out to hunt and grow during the short warm seasons.

Draconic leaders fight their way to the top and can be almost constantly challenged by others in the settlement. The leader leads the hunters and directs all other activities. If he is bested in combat then the draconic that won becomes the next leader. Because the leader can change so often nothing ever stays the same in the colony.

Special Abilities
All draconic have wings and are able to fly when they are only five years old. They gain their fire breathing ability around sixteen. By eighteen they are ready to fight and are considered full adults. As draconic get older they gain other abilities such as elemental control, and a weak magic ability. The hide of the Draconic are hard yet flexible making nearly impossible to physically hurt the draconic. Their senses are extremely sharp and while they may be the most agile of creatures, they also have a sixth sense to the world around around them and can dodge before they are even attacked.

Draconic are a nearly perfect fighting force under the direct control of Section-N. They can fly, breath fire, and are almost impervious to physical harm. With an army like this under their control, Section-N has the power to wage war with anyone.