Height: 32'-80' 
Weight: 16-150 tons
Lifespan: 5000-15000 
Region: Isle of the Dragons

Masters of all they see, Dragons are all but immortal able to live over 5000 years. Different races of dragons have different abilities but all are very intelligent and have a sixth sense about the world around them. Most dragons live in secluded areas where humans, who have come to enjoy hunting dragons for sport and research, cannot reach them. Protectors of the past, they keep many powerful items from years past in vast hordes in their caves. Only those the Dragon sees are worthy are allowed to have their spoils.


Dragon Ages:
Wyrmling 0-20 Years
Very Young 21-60
Young 61-100
Juvenile 101-200
Young Adult 201-400
Adult 401-800
Mature Adult 801-1600
Old 1601-2400
Very Old 2401-3200
Ancient 3201-4000
Wyrm 4001-4800
Great Wyrm 4801+


When the Ultimate Divine Being created the world, the Universal Dragon bore two children and placed them on the world. They were Bahamut and Tiamat. The Universal dragon also created the race of ancient dragons. From them he picked out eight to control the elements. Pyros, Hydros, Lithos, Aeros, Cosmos, Chronos, Lumina, and Nocturn. From the ancient dragons bore the rest of the dragon race. Through the years the dragons divided into several distinct catogories. The good dragons that sided with Bast and Yehova were blessed with metallic scales. The evil dragons that sided with Kardis and Rinous were blessed with a rainbow of colors. Those dragons that chose neither side were blessed by Gaia and given control of the different elements.

Dragon Races:

Ancient - Also known as the Dragons of the First Age, they were the largest, fastest, strongest, and most agile of any dragon ever to have existed. Able to control all of the elements, Ancient dragons were the most feared of all. Because of their ties with Kardis, the Gold dragons took it upon themselves to erradicate the world of these Ancient beings. It took ten gold dragons to take down one ancient dragon, but the overwhelming numbers of the gold dragons eventually destroyed the last of the ancient dragons. The birth of the other dragon races marks the beginning of the Second Age.

Good Dragons

Gold - The leading race of the good dragons, Gold dragons are the most intelligent of all dragons. Their sheer size and strength makes any attempt to remove them from their leadership foolish. Excommunicated due to their genocidal act.

Silver - Often found with Gold Dragons, Silver dragons are second on the intelligence list. Their superior speed and agility over gold dragons, makes them a wise choice for second leading race of the good dragons. Temporary ruling race for the Good Dragons during the Gold's excommunication.

Bronze - Bronze dragons are slightly smaller than silver dragons and are able to cast a lightning bolt as its breath weapon. Only around 1/3 of bronze dragons are able to cast magic spells. The rest rely on their breath weapons, claws, and jaws.

Copper - Smaller still, Copper dragons have the breath attack of acid. This acid can eat through most anything.

Brass - The smallest of the good dragons, Brass dragons have the breath attack of sleeping gas and fear. Usually found in the deserts, Brass dragons like to bask in the sun.

Evil Dragons

Black - The offical leading race of the evil dragons. Black dragons have higher intelligence than all other evil dragons. Their sense of right and wrong is second to none however, which is why they decided to press Bahamut to excommunicate the Gold dragons for destroying the Ancient Dragons.

White - While somewhat smaller than Black dragons, Whites have added agilty and speed. They where in direct conflict with the Blacks and their decision to excommunicate the gold dragons.

Red - Often confused with Fire dragons, Reds are larger and more agressive than Fire dragons. Their wrath knows no bounds and they will respond to a single adventurer's attack by destroying whole villages. While being the largest of the evil dragons, their lower intelligence prevents them from being the leading race.

Green - Green dragons are good at everything but great at nothing. They have good speed, strength, and agility but each trait is better in another race. Green dragons are also larger than both black and white dragons, but their lack of other traits prevents them from being too much of a threat.

Blue - Blue dragons have the breath attack of electricity. They have higher intelligence than both Red and Green dragons. Their speed, agility, and power is slightly less than that of black dragons.

Elemental Dragons

Fire - The elemental dragon of fire, these dragons are often found living inside active volcanos. Often confused with Red dragons, Fire dragons are smaller and less aggressive. They are the only dragon capable of controling fire.

Ice - Ice elemental dragon. Ice dragons are found in the high peaks of frozen mountains and sometimes in large caverns high in the mountains. Wherever they are, its sure to be cold. They are by far the most tollerant of outsiders but are still dangerous when provoked. Only dragon capable of controlling water and ice.

Air - Lightning elemental dragons that spend almost their entire lives in the air or pearched upon some high mountain peak. Their wings are a spectacular sight to behold, and are the fastest of all the dragons. That speed is mainly used for excape when encountering other dragons, since they are always in the air, their physical strength is diminished. Only dragon capable of controlling wind and lightning.

Earth - By far the strongest and seemingly the most dangerous of the dragons. Earth dragons live anywhere where there is ground, usually inside a cave of some kind. Because of their land based lives, their wings are not as developed as other dragons and are limited to short flights. Their element is Earth and they have the ability to control the earth with their will.

Light - The first of the four mysterious dragon races. Light dragons live on the light from the sun. Their scales are the brightest of any other dragon. Their abilities include astral, or spiritual, magic.

Dark - Dark dragons appear blacker than the dead of night. When they walk a shadow seems to follow them where ever they go. They have the magic skills of the Moon and demons.

Time - Time dragons are masters of knowledge past, present, and future. They also have the ability to control the flow of time, slowing down or speeding up individuals. Their scales shift from metallic to a rainbow of colors. It is said that Time Dragons even have the ability to transport someone along the timeline either forward or backward.

Space - The last of the mysterious dragon races, this race has the ability to exit the atmosphere and live in space. Space dragons' scales reflect the stars from the sky to create an eeiry look. It is believed they have the ability to control the cosmos, but this may be just myth.

Dragons have no need to buy and sell, but several of the smaller dragons have begun to grow plants. Since the yeild from one of these farms is barely enough to feed one dragon they give the food away in exchange for loyalty and a promise not to kill the dragon.

All dragons obey the commands of the Dragon Council and Bahamut, the God of Dragons. The metallic and colored dragons obey the commands of the the higher dragons above them. The previous descriptions are listed in decending order based on rank. The elemental dragons however, have no such ranking and obey only Gaia and Bahamut.

Special Abilities
All dragons have the breath weapon ability. Different dragons have different weapons based on their type, several are shown above. Only the elemental dragons are capable of controlling the elements and then its only their own element.

Dragons are truly masters of all they see. Their size and strength are astounding. No other race can content with their combined might.