The world of Gi'erth was created over 10,000 years ago around the Geldon star. It is the fourth planet from the sun, and is currently the only planet in the Geldon star system capable of supporting life. Since its creation, many different races have been created. Some of these races have been wiped out while others have only remenents left.
There are two main continents on Gi'erth. The most known and explored is the home of the elves and humans, Gaia continent, named after the Goddess of Nature. The second is the home to the monster races and the kitsune. Only recently has anyone begun exploring it again since the last great war cut off ties to the eastern continent.

Maps -

Topographical MapThis map shows the topography of both continents as well as the location of key cities and temples. Ruins are marked with red x's


Political MapThis map shows the political boundaries of each of the main races both normal and monster races. Cities and temples are shown as well with ruins marked with x's. The region name is shown as well.


Major Cities
Information on all the Major Cities of the world. More information and cities will be added as it is discovered.

Information on the temples of the world. More infomation will be added as it is discovered.

Information on the known ruins of the world. More information about each ruin as well as more ruins willbe added as they are uncovered.

Will eventually contain a summarized history of the world from creation to now.

Will show the key events during the planets lifetime.

Gives infomation about past and current quests in the world. More information will be added as it is uncovered from the vaults of the forums.