Height: 7'-10'(7'-9') 
Weight: 250-450lbs(200-400lbs)
Lifespan: 2000(1900) 
Region: Gaia Continent

A human creation that occurred when scientists found and captured an angel and conducted cross breeding experiments on it. The result is a mix of human and angel DNA. This hybrid retains the wings of the angel but lacks the ability to hide them. Strength has been genetically enhanced giving these hybrids strength greater than that of five katta combined. As a result of this artificial enhancement Celestials are much larger than humans ranging in height from 7' to 10'. Their intelligence was genetically decreased to limit their ability to overthrow their human controllers.

Humans first found and captured an angel in the late 9730's, a few years after they began hunting down dragons. The angel was taken to Section-N in Gaia City where they began the genetic breeding experiments. The first few tests failed miserably, but after Adam joined Section-N, the first true Celestial was created. It was incredibly strong but too intelligent to be controlled by "lowly humans" and had to be destroyed, which was no easy matter. In 9843, After more than a hundred tests, controllable celestials were created. However, due to the end of the conflict between humans and elves, they had no immediate use for the celestials. They are currently being held and trained in a special Section-N military training area where they await the next Great War.

Celestials have no industry for themselves. They were created to fight wars for the humans. Because of their long lifespan, Celestials can continue to learn about war and be the ultimate weapon when the next war appears.

The only government the celestials have is the military ranking structure assigned to them by the humans. Recent predictions show there are nearly 2,000 celestials already enrolled in the Human Celestial Army.

Special Abilities
Celestials have the ability to fly through the use of their wings, use magic with incredible power, and have unfathomable strength. Their mere height and appearance can make most men turn and run. The commanding celestials are issued Holy Great Swords of Fire crafted by the finest dwarven weaponsmiths and imbued with Fire Magic. Even the lowest celestials are given special weapons, making this a near unbeatable army.

A divine army bred for the sole purpose of fighting and winning wars, that is what celestials are. Despite the small size of this army, it has been predicted that an army of only 200 celestials could easily destroy a legion of katta, elven, or dwarven soldiers. With 2000 already at their disposal, the Humans, or more specifically, Section-N, could take over the world.