Height: 6'-7'(6'-7') 
Weight: 150-200lbs(100-150lbs)
Lifespan: 1500(1250) 
Region: Forest of Enlightenment

Elves are slightly taller than humans. While not as strong they are very agile and use their agility to their advantage in any circumstance. Even more intune with nature than katta are, Elves will defend nature with their lives if the need arises. They focus much of their intellectual capabilities on preserving the forest and on mystical arts. Magic is very prevalent in elven society.

Elves were the first race of beings that were created to walk Gi'erth during the Third Age. In the 1300 years before the creation of humans, Elves commanded the majority of the world. When the humans appeared, their drive to take over the world pushed the elves back into the forests of Sylvasi and Gryphia. The forests are where the elves drew the line and held it against the human armies. Legion after leigon fell to the piercing arrows and sharp blades of the elves. Soon the humans left the elves and concentrated on pushing the katta off the mainland. When humans began to hunt down dragons, many of the dragons found refuge in the Elven forests. Protected by the Elves the dragons granted great power to the elves. Becuase of this elves are the most powerful magic users on the planet.

Elves live in peace and prosperity among themselves. They have little to no contact with the others. Very few humans are even allowed past the borders of Elven lands. They have somewhat unsteady relations with the dwarves who share a small border with them on one of the southern islands. Because Elves are self-sustained they require very little from the outside, but they do, however, trade high-quality bows to the katta, dwarves and humans. Elves are excellent craftsmen being able to spend much time perfecting their arts, they can produce the finest quality weapons and armor around. Their works are sought after around the world.

The government of the elves is very vague but strict. There is one elf in each village that rises to power not through being voted in or conquering the previous leader but by simply being respected by the rest of the village. This leader is given the power to command all in the village, and everyone would give their lives for the leader. There are nine elven leaders who are the most respected of all the village leaders. These nine control all outside relations.

Special Abilities
Because of the harboring of Dragons, Elves have very strong magical powers. Elves are taught at a young age the abilities of their trade, whether it be Magic or smithing. Elves in the Magical trade start out as Elemental Apprenticies. After they master one element they are transfered to the next element until they have mastered all eight elements. Some in the magical trade choose the path of light and learn White Magic instead of Elemental magics. Very few elves choose the way of Black Magic, but one particular family has strong ties with the Temple of Destruction. Along with Magic training comes the skills of Archery and Swordsmanship. Elves are among the best with the bow.

Elves are the oldest and most respected of the races. Driven from their lands by the arrival of the humans they have learned to keep others out and to live by themselves as much as possible. Because of this they have learned the ins and outs of magic and war.