Height: 5'6"-7'(5'6"-6'6") 
Weight: 150-225lbs(100-150lbs)
Lifespan: 800(700) 
Region: Scattered

Half-Elves are the result of inter-species breeding between humans and elves. Usually despised by their human ancestors, half-elves have to live in remote places away from normal society. They have been scattered for many years, but due to recent events, half-elves are beginning to pull together for a stronger community.

Half-elves appeared soon after the start of the Great War, around the same time the Half-Katta appeared. Humans who opposed the war took the elven refugees and hid them from the human army. They soon fell in love and were cast out of human society when their half-elf children appeared. After they were cast out, their homes were destroyed and their families ruined. For hundreds of years the half-elves have been scorned and left to die in the wilderness. Their only real refuge being each other and the temples to the gods and goddesses.

Because they are scattered throughout the Continent of Gaia, they have little need for industry outside of what they do for themselves. They build their own homes and grow their own food. Some of the elves and katta have been known to trade with them. There have even been reports of the half-katta having dealings with them. However, with the appearance of a leader for the half-elves, industry and trading is expected to grow.

Due to their scattered nature, no centralized government exists. Each settlement has a chosen elder which governs those that live there. However, recently one half-elf has risen in authority to command several settlements in the region of Navernoz. Lucas Halfelven, a descendant of one of the first half-elves is trying to draw as many of half-elf refugees to Navernoz as he can. He claims he wants to set up their own country in that region, but human dissidents warn of a half-elven invasion of human controlled land.

Special Abilities
Half-elves are the only race of people that can use both Elven magic and regular magic without practice. They retain most of their agility gained from their elven side as well as the intelligence of their human side. Half-elves are almost the perfect blend between the two races, with both of their strengths and almost none of their weaknesses. With the calling of half-elves from all over the continent, Lucas Halfelven will have quite an army if the human suspicions prove true.

The best of both worlds is a good way to describe half-elves. They are intelligent and quick. They also have an uncanny ability to learn all kinds of magic, both regular and elven. While scattered, they were more of a nuisance, but when united by Lucas Halfelven, they will be a thorn in the side anyone.