Verana mia Sotanden D'Lefin

Elven Priestess of Kardis

Though the Elven race has mostly gone into retreat, a few prominent noble families still keep ties to the outside world. The D'Lefins, a strong elven blood line with a proficiency in black magic, funded many magic schools, and as tensions grew between the Temples, aided the Temple of Destruction.

Verana's family sticks closely to and prides themselves on their elven heritage. Until recently, Verana has had little contact with or knowledge of humans, living a very sheltered life. With the death of her beloved father, Verana set out to learn more about the world, and more importantly, her abilities. She comes off as haughty and snobbish at times, especially towards humans, but that is her reaction to the strange, non-elven world. She would die before admitting her fear of it, and begins lying to herself when she realizes she prefers it to the sheltered life of a noble elf.

Standard Equipment:

  • ?

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • ?

Little is known about Verana but the longer she stays at the Temple of Destruction the more her past and personality will be revealed. Even though Verana sides with Kardis and the Temple of Destruction, she does not like needless loss of life. Just like all other elves, she belives life is sacred. However, she also belives that some must die so others may live.

Currently helping Slade and Keiro on their quest to unlock the Ancient Magic Book.