Xannon Okunen

Archangel of Destruction

Because of his tendancy toward evil he joined the Temple of Destruction and passed the harsh training required of him. After taking the Blood Oath to Kardis, he quickly became the most powerful magic user at the temple and took over the Keepers job by besting him in combat. He mastered Black Magic and began to take an active role in mastering Shamanist Magic. He was noticed by the gods and offered the position of Archangel. Valkyrie accepted the role and became the most powerful of evil Archangels, Shendo. As human technology progressed, Valkyrie underwent Genetic enhancement providing him with a pair of razorsharp wings that can retract into his back. When fully extended they have a wingspan of 15 feet. Using his wings, Valkyrie can send a barrage of razor sharp feathers toward a speficied target.

During a trip around the country side, Valkyrie came across a huge dying dragon. The dragon addressed himself as Ancient Dragon Lord Yazina. Valkyrie got an idea and proposed to Yazina that he would seek revenge on the Gold Dragons for their extermination of his race and save his life, if he would merge with Valkyrie. Yazina, seeing no other option open accepted this agreement. Because of this merger, Valkyrie gained the ability to command almost any dragon and transform into Yazina at will. Because of Valkyrie's status, his Ancient Dragon form is twice as strong as even the best of the Ancient Dragons were.
Valkyrie lost his link to Yazina after being defeated by Bahamut while in his Dragon form. After the battle the Universal Dragon unmerged Yazina and Valkyrie and let Yazina's spirit be free.

Standard Equipment:

  • Ring of Transportation
  • Ring of Trans-Dimensional Shifting
  • Atlas Ring
  • Saintsword

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • X-25 PIPIC Mk. 2
  • OMGTLP Bastard Sword +34
  • Compound Bow of Divine Accuracy +13

Also during his lifetime, Valkyrie has acquired a vast supply of knowledge and items. He has obtained a Ring of Transportation, a Ring of Trans-Dimensional Shifting, and an Atlas Ring which doubles his already amazing strength. Using his knowledge, he has created several weapons which range from swords to, recently, space age weapons. Examples include the X-25 Plasma Implosion Particle Incinerator Cannon Mk. 2. Other weapons Valkyrie has acquired include the OH-MY-GOD-THAT-LOOKED-PAINFUL Bastard Sword +34, and the Compound Bow of Divine Accuracy +13. The Sword of Darkness that he usually keeps with him was modifed with the help of Azarel into the Saintsword, a weapon many times more powerful than the Sword of Darkness. It also has several special properties.

Valkyrie has a tendancy to do whatever he feels will get him what he wants. If anyone tries to take over his power, Valkyrie is quick to stop them. Currently at odds with Gatomon and her beliefs. She believes that through peace comes growth, whereas Valkyrie believes that growth comes through war.