Miranda Nakama

Spaztic Child

Miranda is the spaztic daughter of Mamoru and Munch-Munch. She ran away from home at age 6 in search of her dad. She found him at their old house on the island shared by the dwarves and elves. After reuniting with her father, she was placed in the care of Gatomon and her temple. While there she was given a companion by Gatomon and Bast.

Like all half breeds, Miranda is scorned by the outside world. Her parents are also looked down on. Being young she doesn't understand why everyone hates her when they don't even know her.

Standard Equipment:

  • ?

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • ?

Miranda currently lives with her parents in a quiet town in the region of Navernoz. Where she is being taught everything her parents know. Gatomon, Mamoru, and Valkyrie all know that there is great potential in Miranda. Each of them wants her for their own reasons, but Munch-Munch is teaching Miranda about all sides so she can choose for herself what side to join.