Height: 5'6"-7'(5'-6') 
Weight: 150-250lbs(100-175lbs)
Lifespan: 120(105) 
Region: Scattered

Being a mixture of two races that ultimately despise each other, it is no wonder that Half-katta are rejected by both humans and katta. Some humans and very few katta don't believe in the hatred the rest of their race share. It is these few that the half-katta come from. Rejected by both of their ancestors, half-katta and their families are forced to live in exile away from major cities and villages.

The first half-katta appeared just after the start of the Second Great war when the humans began to drive the katta off the mainland. Some of the humans took the homeless katta into their homes and fell in love with each other. When other katta or humans found out they were cast out and their houses burned to the ground. Through the years thousands of half-katta have been reported but there is no one place for them to gather. Without a strong half-katta leader, they will remain scattered across the world.

Because they don't have a unified social structure, half-katta are forced to live by themselves and provide for themselves. There have been human and katta sympathizeiers that are willing to trade or sell goods to them, but overall, half-katta are forced to fend for themselves.

Half-katta have no structured government. Instead they have elders in each tiny village, usually the first to settle there or the oldest. This person decides on the defense of the village from monsteres, beasts, and those katta and humans that despise them. The other males of the village will usually follow without question.

Special Abilities
With the strength of the katta and the intelligence of the humans, half-katta are a potentially dangerous combination. Should the half-katta race ever bring their numbers together they would be a force to be reckoned with. However, because of their scattered villages and lack of central government, it will take time and a strong leader to bring them together.

Half-Katta are a strong, intelligent, potentially dangerous, but despised race. Their own ancestors cast them out of their cities and towns, never wanting to hear or see them again. Should they ever unite their strength, both the katta and the humans should be worried.