Height: 5'-7'(5'-6') 
Weight: 150-250lbs(100-150lbs)
Lifespan: 80(70) 
Region: Continent of Gaia

Humans are very intelligent but not as strong as the dwarves or katta. They have taken over the majority of the main continent during many battles that have raged over several hundred years. Humans are constantly discovering new technologies and improving on existing ones. Research institutes can be found throughout the mainland and they conduct research on a number of things.

When the humans first appeared on the continent they immediatly proclaimed themselves rulers of all they saw. Due to this arrogance, the Katta and Elves immediatly had a dislike for them. After a few hundred years, the humans had caught up to the elves and katta in terms of technology. It was at this point that they began their conquest of the mainland. Their attention was focused on the katta first as they fought back the fiercest, while the Elves silently faded away into their forest where the humans couldn't venture as easily.
It took the humans 600 years to drive the katta from the mainland. During that time the humans created weapons powerful enough to kill dragons. They began hunting down dragons for sport and also for scientific research. One result from these expirements is the creation of the Draconic. After a small test run in a katta city on the mainland, Draconic were used in the front line drive to force the katta off the mainland. Humans have been constantly upgrading and researching new technologies and have recently begun the testing of spacecraft.

The main industry of the humans is, of course, Research. Results of this research have produced nearly inexhaustable power supplies. Another result of the massive research are the large weapon production factories scattered all over the continent. These factories produce anything from light laser pistols to Mounted Plasma Cannons. All of the factories that produce high tech weaponry do so for the government and the army. There is a black market for such weapons but the prices they charge make even the richest man think twice. The majority of the food is grown in the plains along the east coast of the continent. The rest is geneticly grown to have increased nutrients. Humans also import natural apples and oranges from the katta. The second largest industry is construction. Cities can spring up anywhere, and although the initial growth is slow, progress is quick because of the efficiency of the construction industry. They use advanced alloys in all their buildings making them earthquake proof and bullet proof for a fraction of the cost it would take with normal materials. Besides being efficent, they also produce some of the most stunning architecture in the world.

The most stunning of these belong to the central government which is located in Gaia City. Humans have a modified democratic system. There is a single leader, called the Overlord, who is elected every five years. The Overlord then appoints people to oversee the different regions of the continent. They are called Overseers. In each individual city, the people there elect a Mayor to keep track of city maintance and keep the city safe. A group of elected representative from each region, called the Keepers, keep tabs on the Overlord to make sure he or she is not overstepping his or her bounds. The keepers will also introduce new laws to keep the people in line and to control the use of new technologies. These new laws then have to be accepted by the Overlord. Another group of people, this one called the Commitee, is elected to judge those people who have been accused of breaking the laws of the land. Another lesser known group of people, who is appointed by the Overlord, is responsible for political assassinations and epionage.

Special Abilities
Humans are born with a power that is normally kept locked inside and rarely allowed to bloom to its full potential. This power can grow to rival dragons and angels. About 1 in 1,000,000 humans ever realize the power they have. Out of them only 1 in 500,000 ever realize their full power. This power when used properly can have both healing and destructive effects, being both offensive and defensive.

Humans are arrogant and intelligent. This combination has resulted in a race capable of both mass destruction and mass creation. The ongoing research by the humans continues to produce new and more powerful technologies.