Height: 6'-7'(6'-7') 
Weight: 125-150lbs(100-125lbs)
Lifespan: 1000(900) 
Region: Eastern Continent

The Kistune are a humanoid, fox-like race that inhabits the western shores of the eastern continent. Because they are fox-like, all Kistune have varying degrees of female traits. They are a magical race and are very in tune with nature. Kitsune can be considered the elves of the eastern lands. They are slightly taller than humans but lack somewhat in their strength. They make up for this with their agility and trickery.

Kitsune are among the younger races, the humans being the youngest. Not much is known about their history before the Great War, because much of the historical records were destroyed when the forces of Kardis ransacked the Temples of Bast and Yehova on the eastern continent. After the Great War, the Kitsune returned to the land and sea and began to rebuild, relying solely on themselves. They eventually began to explore the rest of the world and came into contact with humans. They began sea trade with them and have since increased their knowledge of the world. Only recently has anyone from the continent of Gaia returned to the Kitsune lands. They have begun exploring the land and the other races that exist with the Kitsune.
Kitsune are a close nit group and tend to have close families. The influences of Bast and Yehova have opened then to being adventurous and more self-reliant. When home they seek out their relatives and families and spend time discussing their adventures.

Kitsune live in peace and prosperity by themselves. They have little contact with the outside world. They do, however, welcome other peaceful races to their lands, however rare that might be. Being self-sustained, the Kitsune require nothing from the outside lands, but trade with the humans has increased their want for other goods. In exchange they trade high quality bows and magical knowledge. Unknown to the Kitsune however, humans have yet to learn how to use Kitsune magic.

Kitsune are ranked by their tails. The more tails, the higher up the social ladder they are. With age comes wisdom. This is true with Kitsune. As they grow they start with no tail and through their learning and exploits gain tails. Most Kitsune have 1 or 2 tails. The deeds and helping of others builds until they are blessed with another tail. Kitsune of 3 or four tails are generally the leaders of the village. Five or more tails are for the Blessed and Sages of Kitsune society. Any more are usually the High Clerics and Priestesses of Temples. The Great Kitsune or The Mother is said to have 9 Tails. Some say that the Great Kitsune really has a Thousand tails but only lets 9 show.

Special Abilities
Kitsune are a magical race. Much like elves they have innate magical abilities. From the gaining of their first tail they can use the equivilant of level 1 earth spells. As the tails increase they gain uses of higher levels. But without a God or Goddess´s help they rarely achieve a level 3 status. Their association with the land and sea has given them many skills. Kitsune are Nature's Tricksters and have the ability to see weakness in others. They can disappear into the surrounding area and they are said to sink into the trees and foliage with such skill that they are invisible.
Shapeshifting -
A kitsune can transform into anything found in nature. This means they can turn into trees, forests, rocks, water, or other people for short periods of time.
Foxfire -
By rubbing their tails together, a kitsune can make lightning or fire. The kitsune can also, to a small range, breathe out fire. Kitsune can also make small 'fox lanterns', by producing small balls of fire to float around them, and guide their way. This fire can be used as a weapon, or as a toy.

Quick, agile and cunning, the Kitsune are the elves of the eastern lands. However, they have embraced change and have moved into the next level and are rapidly moving into the new world and away from the rigid traditions that hold the elves in the forest.