Mamoru Nakama

ArchKnight of Gaia

Since he was a baby, Mamoru had a rare ability to protect himself from harm without using Magic. The corporation known as Section-N took Mamoru from his parents and placed him in a research lab. While there, untold amounts of expirements were conducted on him trying to figure out the source of his power. After several escape attempts, Section-N decided Mamoru was too much of a liability and sent him to investigate a vague rumor that a great tragedy was about to befall Katta Isle. If the rumor was true, then Mamoru would die. If not, the locals would kill him. Either way, it was almost a surefire way to remove this thorn from their sides.

However, once on Katta Isle, Mamoru met up with Munch-Munch, together they and several others thwarted the great tragedy and saved the world from destuction. Very few people knew about the tragedy, however Valkyrie, the Archangel of Destruction, did and was pissed when it failed. Together with three other Archangels, they captured and contained Mamoru inside the Temple of Destruction on the Gaia Continent.

Seven years later, using the lapse in power caused by creating a blood oath between Dragons, who are under the command of Gaia, and Kardis, a very pissed Mamoru escaped from his prison and rampaged throughout the country destroying several Section-N installations in the process. After settling down he was approached by Gaia and became a Knight of the highest order.

Standard Equipment:

  • Nine Mill Crossbow
  • Tribulation Sword
  • Ring of Gaia

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • Red Sword of Annihilation

After a quick trip through the Tree of Gaia, Mamoru learned about what happened to Munch-Munch and quickly went to find her. He and Munch-Munch have a daughter, Miranda, who has been under the protective care of Gatomon's temple several times. Mamoru was instrumental in the final defeat of Lucif and Xavier. Because he weilds the Tribulation Sword, he holds the power and the responsibility of keeping the worlds powers in check. As of yet, he has not had to use this power. At the moment, Mamoru and his family reside in a small town in the southern area of the Gaia continent.

Mamoru is a free spirit and does what he feels is right at any given time. Sometimes this action is for a certain establishment and sometimes it is against it. This tendency makes him a great addition to Gaia's forces.