Archangel of Death

Cla'Daren for the most part grew up in the Temple. His father was the High Priest of the temple and taught him everything he needed to know. When Cla'Daren was 18 he left the temple and explored the county. In his wanderings he discovered that almost everyone he met was lazy and unable to defend themselves if the situation arose. To test his theory he picked a random village and attacked it using the extent of his knowledge. The entire village burned to the ground within minutes and no one was able to stop him. Disgusted, he returned to the temple and became the High Priest a few years later after besting his father in combat.

Standard Equipment:

  • Staff of Life Drain
  • Ring of Rinous
  • Obsidian Blade of Death

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • Amulet of Divine Wrath
  • Gauntlet: Hand of Death

During his short years as the High Priest of Death, Cla'Daren has mastered the black arts and begun reviving the old spells of necromancy, which he found locked away in the temple basement. His blessing and curse is knowing exactly when and how a certain person will die, including himself. The future he sees has yet to be written so certain things can change it. One of the Temple's Relics is an ancient dragon's eye blood ruby that glows with emmense power. The exact power this ruby holds is unknown, but finding out is something Cla'Daren has dedicated his life to finding out.

Cla'Daren is a classic evil character. He despises most of humanity for their unpreparedness. The followers of Bast and Yehova are the major reasons for this and for that reason he hates them with a passion. Cla'Daren doesn't hate life, but he does hate to see it wasted on idle activities.