Friar Rod Love

Archangel of Vitality

Friar love is usually a jolly, happy-go-lucky person. His trying to help others is just his nature. However, he has a very serious side. Not quite as direct as Xavon or as calculating as Darin he gets the job done in his own way. Love, being a person with a love for people and the vitality, is often found in cities and large gatherings preaching Yehova's word. His somewhat jolly looks are something that puts people at ease. However, his looks may not be what he really is.

Standard Equipment:

  • Staff of Power
  • Cloak of Protection

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • ?

Love's true appeareace is that of a slim wiry person. His will is one that can bend like his body but not break. Actual description has him weighing only 150 pounds and of the same height and slightly balding white hair. Love has a very keen sense of seeing through people's facades and knowing just what they are really up to. His background is one of growing up in a family of five brothers and one sister. The family worked the land and of meger means.

Being found by Xavon he was brought to the temple under full training and rose to his present position after years of training and Temple guidance.