Archangel of Time

Sayla is Marcus' twin sister and his polar opposite. While he is ruled by passion, she is ruled by reason. While he is childish and completely clueless, she is wise beyond her years. While he runs from responsibility, Sayla gladly accepts it.

Sayla has been searching for Marcus ever since he ran away from home after their father died. She has seen him a few times after that, but he has always run away again.

Although she loves her brother dearly, she finds his irresponsibility and his refusal to grow up to be exasperating. But like a true sister, she is willing to bail him out of whatever trouble he has gotten himself into this time...although he'll get it from her after it's over with.

Sayla has a martin as a companion. (for those of you who don't know a martin is in the weasel family.) The martin's name is Javert and while he can speak, he prefers not to. Javert usually rides on Sayla's shoulder or under the collar of her coat, but is also fond of curling up in her quiver. Although, how he avoids getting pierced by all those arrows is a mystery.

Standard Equipment:

  • Longbow
  • Daggers

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • ?

Sayla is an arcane archer. As such her skill with the bow is unparallel and beyond astounding. He aim is unshakable and always deadly accurate, whether the target be in point blank rage or beyond her line of sight. Every arrow she uses becomes enchanted upon firing. Using specific enchantments she can fire arrows through and around obstacles and still hit her target.