Archangel of Space

Marcus is an old friend of Gihren's. Although they seem to fight they are actually great friends. They enjoy picking on each other and getting on each other's nerves. They may fight among themselves on occasion, but if one is in trouble the other will be right there to help. The two were once lovers, but since Gihren's ascension that has become impossible. Gihren was the first and last man Marcus was ever with. And in the end it was mostly like Gihren that seduced him and not the other way around.

Marcus may seem to be a very light-hearted person, but the truth is much darker. In actuality it is just a ruse and a disguise for the scared little boy that lies beneath. Marcus is sentimental and ruled entirely by his own passion and desires. He is easily distracted and an expert at running away from his own problems. He is prone to depression and has on occasion staged elaborate suicide attempts all of which have obviously failed.

Marcus is an exception among elves. At 5'6" he tips the top of the height scale, but while most elves his height would weight around 120lb, Marcus barely breaks 100lbs. In a race that normally has dark hair, Marcus has silvery-blue hair and brilliant emerald green eyes. Even for an elf he is exceptionally fine and fair. This only makes his beauty more haunting and his grace and agility that much more remarkable.

Marcus has never actually grown up and remains the same little boy he was on the day his mother died. He is very child-like and rather clueless on several matters, especially in society, money, and law. However he is by no means an idiot and is actually very intelligent. He knows many things that mortals only dream of knowing, but he chooses to ignore those things he thinks he has no use for, like money.

Marcus is a wanderer through and through and will be until the very end. He ran away from home at a young age to escape the pain of his parents' deaths and shirked his responsibility as the prince of the elves leaving them without a leader for the past 2000 years. He did return at one point only to run away again after his son was stolen by the orcs and became one of them.

Marcus uses his two short swords together and with incredible skill. He also uses throwing shurikens and his aim is deadly. As most elves, Marcus' physical strength is lacking, but he more than makes up for it with his speed and agility. He is a powerful ally and a dangerous enemy.

Standard Equipment:

  • Pair of Short Swords
  • Shurikens

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • ?

Marcus is a shadow dancer and thus is very skilled at hiding, spying, and sneak-attacking. He can control shadows and move through them. He is capable of dimensional distortion and teleportation but prefers to travel through shadows. It is rumored that Marcus' father was the original shadow dancer and that he passed his skills onto his son. It is also rumored that the son surpassed the father to become the only true master of the art of Shadow dancing. Considering Marcus' abilities, this is most likely true.

For all of his childishness and cluelessness, Marcus is a very noble and honorable man, and quite the gentleman. He is very careful about the opinions he forms and he does not give his trust or respect easily. He is slow to make friends; but once he is, he is for life. The same goes for making enemies.

Marcus has recently skipped out on his punishment imposed by Hirogei officals and took residence in the small free town, Filgara. After some nudging by Gaia he left to investigate the Archangel of Dark.