Ashwan Kyle

Archangel of Mankind

Ashwan is the Archangel of Mankind, one of Basts four Archangels. Thus, she is very powerful and can use the highest level spells available. Her link to Bast is strong and well forged.

All Priestesses have companions. All priestesses can transform into the same form as their companion. However, Ashwan is a Bobcat and Rae is a Tiger, which is a contradiction to the formula. Ashwan lost her first companion before the last great war. When doing the choosing of her new companion Rae responded and became her new one. Only Bast knows why it happened.

Ashwan is a sharpwitted, wise cat. She constantly argues with Rae about things. Critical and smart, Ashwan seems to make up for Rae's lack of skill at things. Ashwan has been used as the Temple spy many times because of her small size and skills.

Ashwan has her Bobcat form and has used it for a long time and she shows very feline traits. During her time on the eastern continent she has been blessed by Bast with a Kitsune form with 7 tails. Thanks to this blessing she also has full use of Kitsune powers.

Standard Equipment:

  • Staff
  • Amulet of Bast

Optional/Special Equipment:

  • ?

Ashwan survived the last great war by sheer luck. Rae watched her get struck down by Cla'Daren's predecessor in battle. In Rae's rush to help she tripped and her staff flew from her hand and pierced his heart. Ashwan was gravely injured and Gatomon and Bast conceled her survival to protect her and give her the time to recover. This took centuries and until recently, Ashwan was posing as Rae's companion. Being a Bobcat and her small size, Ashwan primarily spent her time spying for Bast's Temple. Ashwan is capable and trained by Gatomon. She is young and inexperienced with working with people. Ashwan has feelings for Darin as does Rae.

Ashwan is currently helping the Temple of Bast on the eastern continent get a new foothold.